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Solution Intregrated for Compliance Monitoring​
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Improved Climb International Aviation Consulting is a company founded in 2015 to give support to air operators, approved training organisations and aviation sector authorities, to develop their management systems and technical processes.


Sector Services



​Solution Integrated for Compliance Monitoring​


Our consulting projects are taken by Improved Climb under a methodology focused on reaching clients’ objectives.
Our personal has a wide experience in aviation sector consulting.
> All our projects are planned and developed taking into account three aspects:

  • Change management into the organization, threats and risks associated with the project.
  • Legal compliance of the project.
  • Process optimization and efficiency for the client.

> Phases of this methodology are:

  • Initial analysis. Objectives and scope of the project are determined.
  • Detailed planification is made, with actions, responsibilities and compliance dates.
  • We work together with the organization to guarantee the implementation of actions arranged in the planning.
  • Follow up, extension or termination. Depending on the project, it can require a specific follow up, an extension to other client’s processes or its termination.

> Each one of these phases is documented and the deliverable documents defined in the project scope are delivered to the client.

Sectors where Improved Climb works on consulting are:

  • Air Operators.
  • Approved Training Organizations.
  • National Aviation Authorities.


An audit is a systematic evaluation of objective data with the aims of determining the compliance level of some predetermined criteria.
We carry audits of quality and compliance monitoring systems that exist to determine compliance or level of compliance with different standards, like ISO 9001, IOSA, EASA or other client’s standards.
These audits are directed or carried by fully capacitated auditors and/or certified for audit process, with wide experience in the aviation sector.
> Following services are offered within the audits:

  • “Gap” analysis: It is carried with a variable level of exhaustivity, starting at the lowest level, that would be a survey, and reaching a high level of detail to find nonconformities. In general, a gap analysis is carried as the first step to design a system.
  • Transition audit: Audit which is carried before updating a system, for example, from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Pre-Evaluation audit: Audit which is generally carried before a registry audit, that is the base from which a register of authority gives a certificate.
  • Supplier audit: Audit which is required by a client to be carried in its name, with the aim of evaluating a potential supplier or its follow up audit.
  • Management systems audit: Quality and compliance monitoring systems require audits by independent personnel. Clients require our services to this end.
  • Internal audit: We carry audits, in the client name, on its own processes and departments. This service can be of a lot of interest to organizations that do not have an auditors team of its own, or to organizations that combine internal and external auditors, who give a different perspective on audited processes.


We develop organization reality fully adapted training activities, courses designed made to measure for the objectives and necessities of the client, to enhance the knowledge and the abilities of its professionals.
Programs of our courses are constantly actualized with aviation sector standards and the best formative practices.
Our personnel count with a wide experience in the aviation sector and on contents of the training to be given.
We can carry the formation “In company”, in the bosom of the organization, allowing an adaptation of training programs to organization culture.
> Areas on which we give training are:

  • EASA Regulation.
  • Operational approval.
  • Audit techniques.
  • Quality and compliance monitoring auditors.
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS).